VisualTime Meeting & Room Scheduling Software


Manage and schedule a variety of resources: meeting rooms, conferencing rooms, office spaces, shared work spaces, class rooms, activity centers, equipment and service requests.


Intuitive and easy to configure. Customizable with colors for calendars and schedules, user profiles, resource categories, event types, workflow and approval system.

Better than spreadsheets

When it comes to room scheduling VisualTime is better than Excel, Google Sheets, Sharepoint or other spreadsheet applications.
And there is no coding required.

Feature Summary

Specialized for resource and room scheduling

Designed as a facility management tool, VisualTime can be used for scheduling rooms, workspaces, classrooms, meeting rooms, conference rooms, offices equipment or technicians.

Specialized Room Scheduling Software
Visually intuitive

Custom images can be defined for each resource or room.
Specific icons can be set for each resource or categories of resources.
Each resource type, rooms, activities and bookings can be color coded.

Schedules, Resource and Room Details
Resource and room availability

For each resource or room an administrator can specify times and dates when the resources & rooms are offline, not available or undergoing maintenance.
Booking is automatically prevented during the times when the resources are unavailable.

Room Unavailability for Scheduling
Email notifications

The VisualTime email template system allows an administrator to define how the notifications are generated and who receives them.
When appointments, resources or rooms are booked, the system automatically generates emails for the interested parties.

Email Notification for Room Scheduling
Copy / Paste + Drag & Drop

Save time when creating the same type of schedule or booking over and over again.
Instead of typing it all again just use the convenient copy/paste or drag & drop feature.

Copy Past Drag and Drop Schedules on the Calendar
Organized calendars 

View all or only selected rooms and resources in one calendar.
Custom shortcuts and filters can be defined based on resource type, location, resource availability and specific dates.
Save time when accessing the same resource selection or events.

Room Scheduling Calendars
Day, Week and Month Calendars

View multiple resources as once in selectable Time Table, Day, Week or Month Calendar format.
Select the resources to be displayed based on resource category or availability.

Daily Weekly Monthly Room Schedules
User profiles 

In VisualTime all the users have specific authorizations based on their assigned user profiles.
Administrators can disable inactive users or update the user profiles as needed.

User Profiles for Room Scheduling
Repeat events & recurrent schedules

The VisualTime recurrence algorithm allows an administrator to accommodate complex scheduling requirements.
Create series of recurrent bookings & schedules with a predefined pattern or by visually selecting random dates.

Repeat Schedules and Recurrence Patterns
Schedule multiple rooms in one single booking

An administrator can book one or multiple resources at once.
For situations where more than one resource or room needs to be reserved at the same time, identical schedules can be created for multiple resources at once.

Multiple Room Schedules in a Single Booking
Detect scheduling conflicts

View and eliminate the scheduling conflicts based on specific criteria.
As soon as one of the scheduled activities appears to be conflict with the predefined criteria, an administrator can see the resources containing conflicting activities based on dates, resource, scheduled activity, etc.

Room Scheduling Conflicts
Predefined and custom reports

The Reporting module allows administrators to view schedule details, monitor resource utilization, audit user activity, export or print schedules on demand.
VisualTime can customize existing predefined reports or create new reports based on customers requirements.

Calendar and Room Scheduling Reporting
Extensive configuration options

In addition to configuring each element specific properties, there are extensive settings allowing an administrator to configure the applications business rules and user interface.
There is no coding involved and everything is done via the VisualTime user interface

Room Scheduling Settings
Google Calendar Integration

Designed as a facility management tool, VisualTime can be used for scheduling rooms, workspaces, classrooms, meeting rooms, conference rooms, offices equipment or technicians.

VisualTime API (feature coming soon) 

For customers who need to integrate scheduling with existing systems the VisualTime API's allow integration with external programs or web services.
The API's allows the user management, resource management, room booking and appointment scheduling.

Room Scheduling API